The Moon & Stars – Perth (WA) Observatory

Heading up into the Perth Hills (W.A.) at night we were in for a real treat. Braving the cold winters night the visibility was fantastic, a clear moonlit sky. The friendly staff at Perth Observatory were friendly and passionately shared their knowledge of the night sky. The tour included multiple viewings down powerful telescopes at the moon, Saturn, Jupiter and various stars. The tour was rounded off by a hot chocolate to warm everyone up before we bid our thank yous and goodbyes. Definitely on the to do list, it was just a 45 minute drive from the city, the guides had a brilliant sense of humour and it was very good value for money. As the guides are all volunteers all money raised from tours enables the facility to stay open to the public and for future astronomers.

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Now is the Time to Book your Trip to Perth!

Perth, Western Australia, what a place. A great place to get yourself introduced to Australia. So very different from the other states cities, it should be the first place to stop for the savvy flash packer entering Australia. Easily fly to Perth from Asia or cruise into the port.

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See the beautiful red-tailed cockatoos, go whale watching, the only place to see the Quokkas or enjoy the miles of beaches that are amongst the best in Australia!

Heres why you should visit W.A !

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Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre

In the hills of Perth W.A. lucky visitors can experience intimate time with the beautiful forest red-tailed black cockatoo. A rescue and rehabilitation centre for these amazing birds, this not for profit preservation centre does their utmost to release the fully rehabilitated birds back into the wild.

Check out their amazing work, arrange a visit (by appointment only) or better still sponsor one of their beautiful birds.

Visit their website and learn about their essential work to help these iconic birds.


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Forest Red-Tailed Cockatoo

Amazing to see the Western Australian Black cockatoo’s about, my favourite is the red tailed, the female has a lighter orange-yellow coloured tail. They love to hang around in the top of trees and can be found in small groups, although unfortunately numbers are dropping due to loss of habitat. Here are some of our pics of them, so many wonders to see for free!

A Flash Packers Guide – Perth, Western Australia.

A Flash Packers Guide

Red tailed black cockatoo – female flying over.

Pruning - male red tailed black cockatoo.

Red tailed black cockatoo – A Flash Packers Guide