The Great Ocean Road

Here is a sneak peek at some of the photographs and information that is available in the guide; The Great Ocean Road – A Flash Packers Guide.

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Wallaby on Griffith's Island.

Wallaby on Griffith’s Island.

Griffiths Island is a lovely walk that will take around an hour, on the Island are wallaby, a lot of birds and a lighthouse. Follow the walk way in either direction’ look carefully in the long grasses and you may see some sleeping animals on a hot day.


The Grotto.

The Grotto.

Climb all the way to the bottom of the steps to get this surreal look of the ocean through the grotto, a perfect photo opportunity. There are many signposted view points from the GOR at various distances from the car park.


The Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles

The famous Twelve Apostles, stay nearby overnight and get to the site early in the summer to avoid the crowds of tourists. Port Campbell is a favorite local town around 10 minutes drive away with a range of accommodation to suit all budgets and their tourist information centre is well worth a look around.

Including salvage from shipwrecks;



Further down the GOR don’t miss Grey River here you will find lots of koala sleeping in the trees and a flock of these colorful birds around the junction.




Cape Bridgewater is off the GOR but well worth the drive out to see the Southern Ocean crashing up through the volcanic rock formations, and also visit the petrified forest.


Griffiths Island as well as being home to lots of wallabies also has this interesting lighthouse, look carefully at the brickwork when you get up close.





Emu are amongst the many things you can spot.

Emu are amongst the many things you can spot.



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