Eco-friendly Travel

We love to travel, but with growing concerns about climate change we want to make our travel as friendly to the environment as possible and reduce our carbon footprint. Contributing to the airlines carbon-offset program passes the responsibility and does it really go far enough. Here are some ideas we have come up with on how to be a more eco-friendly traveller, let us know if you have any ideas we could share.

  1.  Take a reusable water bottle  – look out for water fountains in airports
  2. Take a reusable coffee cup
  3. Rather than use single use plastic cutlery bowls and plates, take your own
  4. Invest in a metal straw and say no to single use plastic straws
  5. Use biodegradable binbags and take your reusable shopping bags
  6. Making your own food in hostels is a great way to save money, take your own storage containers to save leftovers, this means less use of single use plastic and foil wraps for keeping items fresh.
  7. Walk, use free city bicycles tog et around or hop on public transport
  8. Look out for refilling stations in the cities
  9. Buy loose not bagged on vegetables and fruits
  10.  Look out for second hand equipment, instead of buying new

AND LASTLY – Buy eBook’s not paperbacks – all FLASH PACKERS GUIDES are available to download!

Safe travels.


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