No time to travel for the Flash Packer.

Happy Christmas to fellow Flash Packers out there, and all the Best Wishes for 2017.

Hoping this time of year brings you peace, joy and relaxation before the year ahead. The festive period is not flash packer friendly; an expensive time to travel. Even flights booked well in advance can easily cost double in December / January. Essential travel is the only kind of travel around this busy time of year. With public holidays, high accommodation costs and businesses closed for festivities or booked fully booked out in advance it is a time for the flash packer to be home. And not to forget the unpredictable weather at this time of year, snow and storms can disrupt flights and traffic can be heavy, trains cancelled for maintenance. The savvy flash packer can spend this non-travel time wisely; planning for next year, making bookings in advance and resupplying with essential travel items in the sales. Now is the time to get planning. living life on the road doesn’t have to  mean spending time hunting for the next bed or value meal. Planning and booking ahead can save $££$ and valuable time. 


One fine snow day.


Snowdon National Park Wales





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