What’s the harm in palm oil?

As a consumer we have the power to change the thinking habits of businesses and save the wildlife they are destroying. And no kidding – these will be gone within 10 years if we do not ACT.


5551935164_127180a252_n The destruction of primary rainforest by Duta Palma. West Kalimantan, Borneo. Image via Rainforest Action Network

Vegans and environmentalists count on the use of their consumer dollar as a weapon — one that is wielded carefully to send a powerful message to the industries behind the mistreatment of animals and the destruction of our planet. We understand that it is a tool for affecting real change and it makes us conscious consumers, expertly scanning packets to ensure our purchase aligns with our ethics.
Unfortunately, there is one ugly little ingredient that is fooling many of us: palm oil.
Palm oil is fooling us because many consumers do not understand the enormity of this product’s crimes in terms of environmental devastation and animal and human rights abuse.
Palm oil is fooling us because even when we understand its horrific consequences for our world we are tricked into purchasing it when we…

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