Piccolo’s Corner – Leederville

Looks like a cool place to hang out in Perth.

Simply PERTHfect


Piccolo's Corner on Urbanspoon

It was my first trip to the cute Piccolo’s Corner and I was excited as it is regarded as a top spot for brunch in Perth’s inner suburbs. It’s found on the corner of a leafy neighbourhood street. IMG_9045

The busy café had no space for us in the shabby chic inside when we arrived on a Friday morning, so we hung about for 15 minutes, till a table came free.IMG_9042

We had a couple of prams in tow, so we sat in the lush outside courtyard which had a little more space. It’s lovely! IMG_9025

Often I’ll have a healthy juice, though when ginger is included it can be a bit hit and miss (too much and the ginger burns my throat!). This carrot, apple, beetroot, ginger juice was spot on! IMG_9027

My delicious dish was the mushroom bruschetta, $19. The mushrooms were sautéed in garlic, parsley, and butter and were ever so tasty. They were joined by a perfectly runny…

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