Rungus women keep tradition alive

Really enjoyed this article about keeping traditions alive in the longhouses, lets hope these centuries old tradtions don’t get lost.


Away from urbanisation, the Rungus community in Kampung Bavanggazo, near Tinangol in the Kudat district, lead a simple lifestyle where the women rely on handicraft as a source of income.

These women, mostly aged above 40, are known as the makers of inavol, which is a dying tradition.

Monuraging Monzipal, 60, said inavol is a traditional woven sash with geometric motifs worn crosswise across the chest. It is also famous as a gift for tourists.

She said it was normally worn by the Rungus men together with their traditional costume during rituals.

“However, inavol-making is slowly dying out because the younger generation is not keen on learning the skill.

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