The Bat Exodus

Great photos of Mulu caves and bats!


Deer Cave in Gunung Mulu National Park is the largest cave passage (4.1 km) in the world and home to between two and three million bats. At dusk, the bats fly en masse from the mouth of the cave in a spiral formation, a strategy that deceives the awaiting hawks, for a night of hunting. It is one of nature’s greatest spectacles and my top reason to visit the area. I signed up for a group trek through the caves, rivers and forests of the park, ending at the bat observatory in time for sundown and the famous bat exodus.

Microbats on the cave ceiling Microbats on the cave ceiling

I felt a real sense of anticipation as we entered the 146 metre high cave mouth, with swiftlets darting all around us and our footsteps silenced by a floor of compacted bat droppings formed over hundreds of years. Once we were properly inside the cave…

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