Apollo Surfcoast Chinese Restaurant, Apollo Bay

Now this looks delicious if you are traveling on the GOR, through the town of Apollo Bay. Enjoy Flash Packers!

gastronomic wanders

City: Apollo Bay, Australia   Location: Apollo Bay, Great Ocean Road   Cuisine: Chinese

This is one of two Chinese restaurants in Apollo Bay – the other is much smaller and more suited to finer dining. The environment at this restaurant is far from great, and the service is almost non-existent. However, the food, mainly the spicy dishes, are authentic and delicious.

Hot & Sour Potato Silk – $17.80

Apollo Surfcoast Chinese - Hot and Sour Potato Silk

Seafood Tofu Pot – $30.80

Apollo Surfcoast Chinese - Seafood Tofu Pot

Chilli Chicken – $19.80

Apollo Surfcoast Chinese - Chilli Chicken

Boiled Pork w/ Vegetables in Hot Chilli Oil – $24.80

Apollo Surfcoast Chinese - Boiled Pork with Vegetables in Hot Chilli Oil

The boiled pork is a famous Sichuan dish and the one made here is one of the best you can find anywhere in Australia.

Address: 51 Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay

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