Luxury or Budget Travel?

Interesting thoughts on luxury v cheap travel…. compromise is some where between the two maybe?? There are some good quality budget hotels out there. Safe travels.


Is this a question you ask yourself often as I do?  How do you decide?  There are pros and cons to both ideas and I still go through the motions to decide my next travel depending on my wants and needs.  As I am currently mapping out my next trip this summer, let’s briefly review some of the pros and cons of luxury travel versus budget travel.  See if we can brainstorm together to help you decide your next trip.  And help me continue mapping out my travel route this summer.



1) Pamper yourself – This should be self explanatory!

2) Itinerary is all set! – You have someone else to lay out all the details for the trip.  All you have to do is tell them what you want.

3) Personal service – You will be acknowledged by name and your questions and needs are addressed.

IMG_4392 Location:…

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