Packing List Realizations

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I’ve been here for about 5 weeks now, and come to some realizations about what I should and should not have brought – here are those things

Things I did not need to bring to Bali:

– White jeans. I mean come on, what was I thinking. My skin is darker and covered in dirt from a 5 minute motorbike ride, these would be disgusting in a matter of seconds. This also goes along with the fact I have had to come to terms with – there will not be one minute here where I look completely clean, refreshed and vibrant. I will always be sweating, and I will always be at least a little bit dirty.

– Jeans. It is so hot here. Like so hot. I see Balinese walking/motorbiking around in jeans with a matching Jean jacket and I just don’t understand. I would overheat in minutes.


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