Up the Klias River with the Birds and Monkeys

Klias wetlands as included and recommended to travelers to Kota kinabalu, a few hours from the city, see proboscis monkeys and firefly.



Klias River at dusk Klias River at dusk

The sun on my back, the water sparkling, the sounds of the birds in the bush, the flowing tea-brown river, dotted with floating yellow-brown leaves and tear-away branches. The leaves of the trees on the banks are shining clean after last night’s rain. The water shimmers. In the distance, the outline of Mt Trus Madi -Sabah’s second highest peak after Mt Kinabalu, rises out of the mist. We are gently drifting, turning slowly around on the anchor, close to the jungle banks of the Klias River.
Never heard of it? Well, neither had I, but it is etched on my memory now for its peace and the quietness of the surrounding jungle. I am lazing over my breakfast coffee in the cockpit of the boat, savouring the moment away from care and responsibility – apart from the little required to maintain the boat on the river…

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