The smallest restaurant in the world.


Holzknechthuette-11ae2817This restaurant caters for a maximum of four people with a majestic view from its panoramic window. A culinary highlight in the truest sense of the word is the “Holzknechthütte”. On the open fire, the chef prepares a multi-course menu in Carinthian tradition.

The “Holzknechthütte” exceeds all expectations – be it atmosphere, the view, the menu selection or the warmth of the chef. All dishes are freshly prepared in front of you and fine wines and home-made “Schnapps” complete the unique experience.

The story of the “Holzknechthütte,“ Carinthia, Austria.

The forest workers – in Carinthia mainly lumberjacks – spent a whole week in the woods. Up to the middle of the last century, lumberjacks would walk on foot to the far-away working places. As they made this trip only once a week they needed an on-site place for cooking and sleeping. These were the simple lumberjack huts. Made of bark…

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