Swimming with Wild Dolphins in Rockingham (Australia)

Amazing experience!!


rockingham wild encouters Actual dolphins taken in the water under us on that day (Credit: Rockingham Wild Encounters @ Flickr)

I panicked the moment I went into the water and that made me miss my first glimpse of the wild dolphins around me. The cold water, high waves and not to mention, deep cloudy waters threw me off that my first reaction was to panic. My team leader kept shouting for me to put my head in the water but my brains just froze and I was left gasping for air as the waves kept crashing into my face. Disappointed in myself, I let my leader pull me back to the safety of the boat. And I felt like I had failed the test. Not a very good start to swimming with these wild dolphins, I thought.

What was I even doing swimming in the open waters when I have a phobia of…

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