Koala Hospital 

Love the information here about koala, they can be seen along the GOR find out where in the GOR Flash Packers Guide.


In Port Macquarie there is the only koala hospital in the world. Dedicated to the furry little creatures 🐨

Koalas can only be found in Australia unless they have been sent overseas to zoos.

The hospital has been running since 1973 and relies upon donations as they receive no funding from the government. I can’t understand the priorities of governments!

At the hospital they treat koalas which have been harmed in bush fires, road accidents, have broken limbs, are suffering with chlamydia and so on.

I had a tour around the hospital and watched two koalas feed.They are given a milk type substance and are free to eat as many eucalyptus leaves as they like.

Koala is an aboriginal word meaning little drink. They eat so many eucalyptus leaves which are made up of 60% water they don’t need to go looking for a water source.

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