Another nice place to stay around Ubud – factor in travel time to the centre of Ubud -this is where the market shops and main temple are situated.


Remember the movie Eat.Pray.Love by Julia Roberts? I believe this movie creates a hike in Bali tourism, especially ubud, the closest place the movie Eat.Pray.Love movie was filmed. This time, we embark our journey to Ubud as well.

This was my second time to Bali, you can read about the places I visited the first time here!

Going to Ubud takes about 45 mins to an hour, depending on traffic conditions. We landed at Denpasar Bali Ngurah Rai Airport around noon and decided to take a taxi to Ubud with our standard rates printed on an A4 paper. We concluded that he worst case is to take those that are willing to offer 300,000 rupiah to Ubud. However, we ended up taking a taxi that cost us 350,000 rupiah to Ubud even though the standard rates is 250,000 Rupiah! Partly because the taxi driver got a bit agitated by us keep emphasizing that the standard…

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