No vacancy, but ‘postles

Great photos, love the ratio!! Preparation is the key to a good trip. Hope it didn’t ruin the experience!

Martasaurus Contemplatus

Speaking of risk, going on a trip without booking a motel room in advance counts, I think. We rented a car on a Saturday morning, and drove out eventually. We were ultimately heading to the Twelve Apostles – incredible limestone stacks off the southern coast of Australia that you’ve definitely at some point seen in National Geographic or something and which henceforth I’ll be referring to quite simply as the ‘postles – though the point of the trip was the drive along the Great Ocean Road.

It’s a picturesque war memorial – and at 243 kilometers (that’s 151 miles), the longest war memorial in the world. Built between 1919 and 1932, the winding coastline road project was intended to give returning soldiers employment. Currently it boasts two lanes, though originally it only really fit one vehicle at a time – which sounds pretty terrifying, seeing as its location on many a cliffside edge means…

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