Day 238: Attacked in the Sacred Monkey Forest, Indonesia

Great advice if you visit the monkey forest don’t feed the monkeys, funny that there is a clinic right outside to get your scratches treated… safe travels a flash packers guide.

Six Hearts One Journey

We had a blast visiting the Sacred Monkey Forest, where tons of Macaques Monkeys reside.  Before we even set foot into the forest, we were thrilled to see these playful creatures, running, jumping, swinging, and playing with each other.  But…we weren’t fooled. We had done enough research to know they could also  be somewhat sneaky (aka “little pickpockets”) as well as dangerous, scratching and biting at will.

Eating a banana Eating a banana

That said, we warned the children to keep everything in our vehicle and take only what they absolutely needed.  We’ve heard of people losing their cameras, wallets, and even sunglasses, so we didn’t want to take any chances.  Of course, I had to bring my camera, but I guarded it carefully.

Mom and Baby Mom and Baby

We also warned the kids to not feed the monkeys any bananas.  Unfortunately, the monkeys here are so used to people feeding them bananas, that they’ve…

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