Kota Kinabalu: A Lazy Two-Day Itinerary Around Sabah’s Capital City

Great photos of Kota kinabalu and stick insects. Some ideas on where to go eat and stay. Happy travels flash packers!!

Biyahe ni Josemanuel

I felt a bit excited that Airasia has re-launched its Cebu-Kota Kinabalu route, which will start flying this March 2015. Based on personal observation, Kota Kinabalu is the cheapest “International destination” ticket when coming from Cebu, and even from Manila. Promo Flights can go as low as 2,500 round trip all in when booked 2 months in advance, and it could even drop lower, depending on season. Mentioned ticket price however, excludes Phil. travel tax and terminal fees.

Heres a quick glimpse of how I lazily roamed around Kota Kinabalu for two days. This charming city was my last stop from backpacking Northern Borneo last year. A bit tired, I just let myself loosen a bit from my planned itinerary to just spend afternoons strolling along downtown’s waterfront parks and commercial strips, and enjoy the view of the Sunset , which was totally gorgeous by the way, The best sunset I’ve seen so far .

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