Bali Motorbike Travel Guide

Some great pictures of Bali and particularly Tanah Lot. Recommended to visit by a flash packers guide.

The satori saga

There is no better way to explore Bali than on a motorbike. We did a 7 day road trip through Bali giving us the complete freedom to ride almost whole of Bali. In addition to the cheap bike rates, scooter rentals can be found almost everywhere. Because of its easy navigation and plenty of available content online, it is safe to not sign up for any expensive tours. Here is an ultimate guide based on what we did.

Use International License in Bali

Many tourist experts advice on getting a local Indonesian license but from our experience – an international license is enough to ride in Bali unless you’re in the city for more than a month. Apply for an International license in your local country, which in most cases will be valid for a year. Renting a bike in Bali is the most easy and cheap way to travel across the city. You…

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