Painting in Bali

Plenty of great things to try in Bali including painting jewelry making and batik painting! All recommended in A Flash Packers Guide!!!

Midlife Crisis

After spending several days in Singapore, I decided to take a quick trip to Bali. From Singapore there are a lot of cheap flights to many places, so, when I saw a round trip ticket to Bali for under $200, I booked it. All I knew about Bali was that people talk about the spectacular beaches, and everyone who has visited there talks about how great it is. Good enough for me.

I decided to spend my 3 days in Ubud, the cultural center of Bali and about 1.5 hours from the beach. The city is quite famous for artists, yoga, and mediation. It turns out that this is the place the author of “Eat, Pray, Love” came and that also means that tourism has skyrocketed and the infrastructure has not kept up- but that is a different story.

Artists from all over Indonesia bring their  crafts to sell here…

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