Kingdom of Theives

Beware of the monkeys in Monkey Forest Ubud – be warned Flash Packers – a banana for your camera returned!!

L i m i t l e s s S k i e s

940A stony demon stood in the middle of the path,  baring his fangs to remind us of impending perils that lay ahead. The moss infested kingdom was home to lawless brutes that followed their own code-of-conduct.

Moments later, I looked back towards the entrance; a tourist appeared, swinging his camera in one hand and clutching a bunch of bananas in the other one.

Pointing at the sauntering sitting duck, my friend,Shannon said, “Is he stu-”

The man screamed,  the bananas were snatched, and  his noble quest was over. Only bravest, rather naïve, visitors would think of feeding the monkeys. Surely, there was a symbiotic relationship between the monkeys and the banana vendor, who stood at the main entrance of the forest.

Feast of Yam and Sweet Potatoes! Feast of Yam and Sweet Potatoes!

The stony path led to a serpent that held in its coils meters wide pool of water; a pool that indulged the juvenile primates in diving…

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