Bali by scooter

Glad this tourist was safe on her rented bike- another cheap option is to hire a driver and car for the day and nail the must see spots. Safe travels!!


I’ve spent the last week worrying whether or not to hire a moped/motorbike to see some of the beautiful Bali sights.

I know it’s all out there, it’s not far, I just don’t want to be paying £30 to see a few sights on an organised coach tour (of which there are many) when I can pay 40,000 Rupiah (£2) and have the freedom to explore as I like in my own time and in my own way.

This morning I decided it was now or never and I should just go for it. I have been worrying about a number of realistic issues that I have read or been told about.

Road safety in Bali
The first and most important issue is my own safety. The roads are of a good standard, however the drivers are not. Driving here is pretty tough going, especially in the city areas such…

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