Tastes of the Island of Gods

Great examples of Balinese cuisine the fish and chips of Bali.

What an Amazing World!

Bebek Betutu, Bebek Joni, Ubud Bebek Betutu, Bebek Joni, Ubud

Bali lures people from all over the world to come and see its prolific rice terraces, turquoise beaches, rich marine life, and active volcanoes. Also for its unique cultural scenes mostly exclusive to this island – with a land area a little larger than Connecticut or about twice the size of Luxembourg – among Indonesia’s 17,000 chain of big and small islands. But only a handful of people leave their houses and go all the way to this tropical paradise with Balinese food on their minds.

Nasi goreng – literally fried rice – often becomes the dish of choice for those who have the curiosity towards Bali’s local dish, but not enough time or courage to sample a wider array of local cuisines. although one can actually find it throughout the vast archipelago with variations from each region. However nasi goreng is not an exclusively…

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