Sabah holiday 2015: Kota Kinabalu – 1

Great quote and thoughts.

Joanna Funk

I write this in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo shooting. I would like to cite a senior politician in Sabah who said to me this week:

Sabah is a special place. Here, people of different races and religions mix together, eat together, and intermarry. We celebrate each other’s festivals and we live in harmony.

I’m on holiday in SABAH, birthplace of my parents and a Malaysian state on the island of Borneo. Its verdent soil has supported my family since the 1880s when my great-grandparents arrived by boat to KUDAT from China. They were the first batch of Hakka-speaking Chinese Basel Christians brought to Borneo to clear the lands of jungle, for the British.

Kudat, the Northern-most point of Borneo Kudat, the northernmost point of Borneo. Photo courtesy of Yen Phin Lee.

In time, my ancestors became plantation owners themselves: rubber, timber, coffee, cocoa, tobacco, oil palm. This led to other lines of work:…

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